App Volumes: MS Office

Working with various customers I’ve discovered challenges when it comes to placing MS Office into AppStacks. VMware has a few models out there that are supported and DO work. A few things to keep in mind when dealing with Office:

  1. Office 2010, and 2013 are only supported.
  2. Office core bits can be presented once, to the endpoint.















1) AppStack = Office core bits installed

2) AppStack = Office + Project, Office icons hidden

    (Optional: Hide core office icons from start menu)

3) AppStack = Office + Visio, Office icons hidden

    (Optional: Hide core office icons from start menu)

4) AppStack = Office + Project + Visio

     (Optional: Hide core office icons from start menu)

5) AppStack = Office + Project + Visio






6) Base Gold Image installed w/ Office core bits, and one of 3 AppStacks that contain:

A) Visio

B) Project

C) Visio + Project

Note: If you hide/delete core office Icons from start menu, such as Word, Excel, etc. thus presenting only Project and/or Visio, don’t simply delete the ‘Office Tools’ folder, you can clean-up some of the icons in that folder, but if you delete it nothing will show in the start menu.

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