App Volumes and Persistent Desktops

I wanted to communicate expected behavior when using App Volumes and Persistent desktops. Special thanks to Matthew Mabis for discovering this. When a user logs-off or reboots the VMDK of the AppStacks are detach from the users virtual machine. If you are not using the Writable Volume feature that comes with App Volumes and using AppStacks be warned that any new applications installed will vanish once a reboot operation is executed regardless of your account permissions. App Volumes forces Windows to write to a hidden share (SVROOT) regardless if you are using Writable Volumes or not. Without UIA enabled a simple task like installing FileZilla will only reside on the VM temporary until the AppStack detaches. There is no work-around with this behavior and App Volumes was designed to operate this way we discovered. The following is an example of this behavior:

Av persistent desktops img1

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