AppVolumes and Horizon Recompose Workaround

The following is a workaround for when you are impacted by recompose loops in Horizon View and using App Volumes. VMware engineering is aware of this problem and is working on a fix. The issue discovered is when multiple AppStacks are attached to VDI desktops and a recompose is initiated. The timing between when VMDK’s are detached from a VDI desktop and when Horizon tries to execute its recompose.

  1. On your gold image
    1. Copy ‘av.cmd‘ to ‘c:\Scripts\‘ on your gold image (Scripts folder is an example location but should match the path specified in image1)
    2. Copy ‘Prep Image for Snap.bat‘ to your gold image desktop
    3. Execute the batch file “Prep Image for Snap.bat” and this will power-down the VM. Once powered-down, create a snapshot for your View environment. (What the script is doing is stopping the AppVolumes service prior to you doing a snapshot once View spin’s up replicas or a refresh it starts the service.)
  2. Modify your View pool under ‘Guest Customization’ to include the path and filename to ‘av.cmd‘ (see Image1)
  3. Select OK to save settings. 


Av recompose fix









You should be able to recompose/refresh now with no issues.


Special thanks to Matthew Mabis from PSO, End-user Computing for creating this solution for customers.


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