Horizon View CPA Uninitialized Failure

I discovered this issue at a customers today. They have two sites, North and South. They are running 6.2.0 Horizon View at both locations. After initializing CPA in North and joining South to the federation everything looked healthy. We were still messing with setting up additional brokers etc. When it came time to testing CPA, one thing we wanted to do first was remove the CPA role and re-add it fresh. I was able to un-join South Site from the federation with no problems. However, when attempting to uninitialized CPA in North is failed once it reached our 6th View replica server.

The 6th replica server we were having issues with so it didn’t surprise me that this happened. After CPA failed to uninitialized I noticed the “Cloud Pod Architecture” section in the View Admin Console was a blank screen. I attempted rebooting servers etc. and it wouldn’t come back, just a blank screen. The fix was going into ADSI and navigating to Connection Server #6 and changing the “pae-LinkedModeEnabled” property from 1 to 0. This VMware KB2080522 helped me fix the problem. Reference VMware KB2012377 for assistance when connection to the View ADAM database.



Once making this change and allowing a few moments for this change to replicate, I refreshed the View Admin Console and I could now see the ‘Cloud POD Architecture’ screen allowing me to create a new federation.


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