Configure App Volumes log rolling

App Volumes Manager logs are growing continuously, after a long while taking up substantial amounts of disk space. App Volumes can be configured to roll the logs after a specified size on disk has been reached.


On the manager server:

1) Open C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudVolumes\Manager\config\log4r.yml

2) Find the section output_templates under which standard_output section exists.

3) Change parameter CV_ROLL_LOGS to 1

4) To configure the size of each log before it is rolled change the maxsize attribute in the same section. The default is 20971520 bytes (20mb)

5) You can change the amount of files to keep using the max_backups attribute. The default is 3.


NOTE: Always keep as many logs as possible, as they may be required for problem analysis. If older logs do not exist, it may be more complicated or impossible to troubleshoot a future problem.

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