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Hey everyone, going forward, I will be posting various tips and tricks on creating designs leveraging OmniGraffle and also Excel. I am the creator of the internal VMware Horizon Suite Sizing Estimator, and my nose is buried in excel sheets, daily. When it comes to the creation of designs, that is all I work in now is OmniGraffle. I figure it might help those who also do the same. 


Excel Tip:

To subtract 15%, add a negative sign in front of the percentage, and subtract the percentage from 1, using the formula =1-n%, in which n is the percentage. To subtract 15%, use =1-15% as the formula. Example:

Cell A1 Contains 100, Cell B1 Contains 15%

=A1-(A1*B1) = 85

Format your formula like this:

=A1-(1-B1) = 85



OmniGraffle Tip:

You might have multiple text boxes after a Visio Import, for example:






To merge these two text boxes into a single text box:

– Select all the text boxes you want to be grouped

– Two Options

    1) From the Menu select ‘Edit > Objects > Unite Shapes’

    2) Right-click on the selected group, select ‘Unite Shapes’

This will form a complete text box that you still can edit.





Note: After ‘Unite Shapes’ is selected the text will vanish and it will populate off the canvas. Just drag it back in-place. I have informed OmniGraffle of this odd behavior, and their feedback was “There could be a peculiarity in the object geometry of those text objects in the original Visio file, which made OmniGraffle think that the united object needed to be in an entirely different place on the canvas.”

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