Cool Resources for your Kids at home during this time..

Here are some resources compiled from Hazel here at VMware, with expansion courtesy of ATL Site Council members. Please feel free to share with your teams, as many of us have small children. 

  1. Build your own computer – also introduces them into coding – Link on amazon
  2. & – “ Learn computer science  – Change the world” cool coding website for kids , parents and teachers
  3. Scratch & Scratch Jr –  developed by MIT “ Coding is the new literacy! With Scratch Jr, young children (ages 5-7) can program their own interactive stories and games. In
  4. eLearning for Kids – The process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.”
  5. ABC 7 NY Free Educational Resources: Includes Oxford Owl, Mystery Science, ABCya, Prodigy Math, Code Academy, National Geographic Kids Science Lab, Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc.)
  6. Slick Deals Free Educational Resources

Educational TV (Baby-Small Child):

Free Printable Worksheets:

Game Design:

  1.  MYSTERY SCIENCE – Who doesn’t love a fun science video?! Mystery Science has pulled together their most popular science lessons & are offering them free for anyone to use. They offer short & long lessons targeted to your child’s specific grade level like one of our favorites, Do Animals Laugh? 🙂
  2. SCHOLASTIC – Active day by day learning journeys at your fingertips! Plus it’s FREE!  
  3. LUNCHDOODLES with MO – Mo Willems who writes and illustrates Piggie and ElephantPigeon Books and much more is doing a live video each day to explore ways of writing & drawing. 
  4. Art with ROB – Take your child’s art lesson to the next level with this fun step by step drawing lesson that even my 4 yr old LOVES!
  5. GO NOODLE & COSMIC YOGA – Fantasic apps designed to get your kiddos moving. Easily downloaded on your SmartTV, iPhone or iPad. We especially love the Go Noodle dance videos…  dance party anyone??
  6. ZOOM – If you haven’t heard yet, Zoom is the new FaceTime! Video chat with up to 100 friends for FREE… such a great way to connect with all of our friends in the comfort of your home. 
  7.  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS – Explore everything from US presidents, space travel to wacky animal videos for free. 
  8. BUTTERFLY GROWING KIT – A guaranteed crowd pleaser! Fun & interactive activity to watch nature’s most spectacular transformation up close.

Museums, Zoos & Aquariums:

Instant Clones and GPO Enforcement

One challenge a few of my customers have had lately is being able to leverage Instant Clones while keeping current GPOs enforced. The issue might happen when using Instant Clones. Horizon will create the final copy of the original VM, called a parent, which will be used to fork the running VMs. When a new Instant Clone is provisioned from a logoff operation, no reboot is done at the parent level; thus any new GPOs are not applied. To enforce new GPOs the following steps will resolve this problem:

1. Power-on the Gold Image
2. Create a DOS Batch file and place it in an accesable area, example C:\TEMP\enforce.bat

Example batch file:

echo N | gpupdate /force

3. After creating the batch file, shut-down the Gold Image
4. Create a new snapshot
5. In the Horizon View Administrator console, when creating a pool or modifying a pool, you will need to specify the batch file that is located in the Gold Image.


That’s it! From this point going forward when an Instant Clone is created in this pool the script is executed during the provisioning process and will enforce GPOs.